Award winning author D.B.Tarpley is not quite right.

If he wants to do something, instead of sitting around and whining about it, he gets up off his ass and he does it. D.B.Tarpley has stolen an army recruiter’s car. D.B.Tarpley led police on a high-speed car chase through four counties and two roadblocks – crashing into the third doing 135mph. D.B.Tarpley has robbed a bank. D.B.Tarpley has recorded an album. D.B.Tarpley has acted in six plays. D.B.Tarpley has made three movies and two documentaries. D.B. Tarpley has written three screenplays and over a hundred short stories. Still, D.B.Tarpley is not quite right.

D.B.Tarpley currently lives in an undisclosed parcel of godforsaken America with his equally godforsaken dog Che’vato and his godforsaken love slave Barnabus.

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  • Puff of Black on Sep. 22, 2014

    'Puff of Black' by Christopher Gretkus is a despondent, desolate indictment of the human race reflecting that we are so far gone from grace as to be irredeemable by nature. This book is unique, visceral, and in your face with a point of view that just won't quit. The writing, the words used, tumble toward you like an errant meteor speeding through space; waiting to collide with your unsuspecting subconscious in the form of raw epiphany. I sincerely enjoyed this piece of work and look forward to anything Mr. Getkus may release in the future.