Kindergarten: drawing. Elementary school: reading children books. Post elementary: writing poems. Pre-high: reading Manga (and has been addicted since then). High school: addicting to suspend stories, science documentaries, and fantasy fictions. University: drown in translated fictions. That is the development of a born-Bangkokian fayfena who never left her home far enough for her satisfaction. She lives in Bangkok through her years of Kindergarten, pre-school, high school, university, and work. Now, she just loves reading and writing. (Any doubt?) Fayfena works on all above, though nothing quite comes out as she expected, and can't keep her hands away from them.

When she was a little girl, fayfena had hoped that her house would became a miracle portal. Too bad that not a thing happened. So she thinks it would be better to create them herself. In spare times, she draws, writes poem if the mood kick in, and happily lies down reading novels and mangas or watching Japanese animations rather than goes out for shopping or watching movies.

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