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Long, long ago, before Twittering and Blogging and Facebooking - in fact way back in 1988 - Allen Makepeace retired from the post he had held for ten years as a Schools Inspector in south London. Prior to that he had been a comprehensive school head for thirteen years and before that... well, that's back in the mists of time.

Since his retirement Allen has written more than twenty non-fiction books on crime, disasters, the supernatural and superstitions. He has won several awards for writing including the South East Arts Prose Prize and he was a finalist in the Fenner Brockway Peace Prize for Literature. Most of his books have been traditionally published, the rest self-published. He has written two novels, 'And Such Great Names as These', winner of the NAWG Award for 'best novel', and 'Winter Hunt' and a collection of prize-winning short stories. 'Winter Hunt', a thriller set in the early nineteenth century reflects Allen's interest in the criminal history of England. This book has never appeared in traditional printed book format.

Seventy-five per cent of the profits of these two novels are to be donated to the British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association.

Allen Makepeace and his wife live at Eastbourne on the south coast of England.

What reviewers said about And Such Great Names as These when issued in printed book format:

'...carried off with enviable subtlety...'
Martyn Bedford, author and reviewer for The Literary Review

'...a page-turner...I couldn't put it down...'
GJ Lee, Bexleyheath

'...a truly accomplished, evocative and well-judged novel...'
Sophie Lambert, buyer for Foyles, London

'...powerful and haunting in its joys and sorrows...'
Linda Cunliffe, Edinburgh

'...a well crafted novel...'
Southampton Library Reading Group

'...sharply etched, raw yet tender...give yourself a treat and get this book...'
Rosemary Bartholomew, St Leonards-on-Sea

'...intelligent, uncluttered prose...a little gem...don't miss it...'
Deborah Fisher, Tregolwyn Book Reviews

' ability to bring the period to life...'
Brighton Argus

'...packed with just lap it up...'
Steve Craggs, Northern Echo

'...totally absorbing, beautifully written...'
Gordi, UK

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Smashwords book reviews by Allen Makepeace

  • Shaikh-Down on July 15, 2011

    Absolutely outrageous. This story with its surfeit of sexual activity, its blatant carnality, would never be allowed in some countries. They would ban it, refusing to accept such excessive exploration of those personal areas which are regarded as private and sacred. Of course, it has not been banned here and thank God for that for I laughed long and loud. By the way, I’ve another story about air hostesses which David Gee might have fitted in but…..