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  • Kept (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Blood Lust, novella 1) on July 23, 2010

    In Kept the thing I liked most was the unusual aspects of the cat shifter (no large cats here!). The interaction between the two main characters was consistent and gave the book substance beyond what I had expected from such a short read. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys magic and romance.
  • Claimed (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Blood Lust, Novella 2) on July 23, 2010

    Having enjoyed Kept I was looking forward to more cat shifters but was pleasantly surprised to be following secondary characters from Kept in a continuation of the main story arc. The memory loss of the female lead character was done very well (and I felt great sympathy for her)but the male lead character was the one that really got to me. The guilt he felt for causing Charlee's problems and the trouble he went to trying to help her whilst having his own problems was well portrayed. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Vampires with heart.
  • Mated (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Blood Lust, Novella 3) on July 23, 2010

    Having read the first two books I was expecting the continuation of the main storyline and wasn't disappointed. I was also expecting excellent characterisations and again I wasn't disappointed. In fact my only disappointment was that it was too short and that there were no more books to follow. I would recommend this to everyone I know.
  • A Plain Jane Book One on Nov. 05, 2012

    I'm a huge Science Fiction fan and thought that I would give this book a try as the write up sounded intriguing. I am so thankful I did as it was a wonderfully written story. The characters and the world building were excellent and I can't wait until I get hold of book two to continue the saga.
  • Touched by Magic on Nov. 08, 2012

    Ms Durgin has created a magical read in this book. She has produced a book I will remember for some time to come with her wonderful characters . The story is all about obsession, and loyalty and mystery. It's topped by great action and the ability to make fantasy seem very real.
  • The Witch's Birthday Brew on Jan. 17, 2013

    A pleasant short story that was actually full of humour,lust and magic.
  • My, My, Little Firefly on Feb. 01, 2013
    (no rating)
    I liked the blurb to this but was bitterly disappointed with the actual story. I felt as if either the author or I had been high on drugs and I only take prescription drugs for asthma!