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  • The Gatekeeper's Daughter (The Gatekeeper's Saga #3) on June 12, 2013

    I just couldn´t stop reading. There was a lot of drama. I kind of still hold a grudge for Ares. He was such a Pain in the As"#&&... Therese finally finds her purpose (Kudos for her). I would have been so mad if she didn´t. From the fifteen year old teenage girl we met at The Gatekeeper´s Sons to this installment, Therese looks way much more mature. Ther and Than have to work so much in their relationship because there´s always someone trying to keep them apart. They have one problem, after another, after another and so on. When you think everything is fixed and settled. Pum.!, something else happens. You have to read the three books to understand the Plot.... Obvioulsy duh.! (Because I´ve read several reviews that say the plot was confusing)...Anyway..Therese and Than have to work separately to get together.. Why?! Because There´s aunt (view spoiler) and in order to save it, Therese goes on a mission first by Hera who wants her apple back and then Artemis who wants to get back with her one true love.... There were a lot of good moments that made me chuckle or show a friend what a character said. Unfortunately I was reading it in my jobs computer in a pdf file and I didn´t save any quote :( Jen being abused as a child by her father was a very strong topic and I think it was some kind of filler in the book. Even though Than switches places with Hip throughout the books we don´t see him very often. I guess Mrs. Pohler is going to use that as reference for a new sequel maybe Jes in love with the God of Dreams ... AKA Hip ?!! If so I would really love to read something of those two ;) Hip is such a player. I hope Eva is working on him for our sake ;). I can´t really give a whole review explaining my whole likes and dislikes because I would be giving a huge spoiler.!! and you must read this book to make up your mind about it. Everything said here is things we already knew since first and second book. Enjoy.!
  • By My Side on June 12, 2013

    It is commonly known that women mature faster than men when they get to puberty. And this is the case in Lily Saunders and Gabe Green´s story .... I enjoyed this story so much. There was so much understanding and chemistry between the main characters. They both have smart mouths and the sarcasm is everywhere. I laughed and cried when I had to. Some parts where hilarious and others were simply depressing. When Gabe heads to college Lily is fifteen so for him she is still a girl not a woman yet. When Gabe get back he is twenty and Lily with seventeen years old she looks stunning and she´s more mature. So attraction is a bitch and starts pulling each others strings. Lily and Andy Green are best friends since kindergarten. She has to endure the problems in her home. Her parents are constantly fighting and insulting each other, so she seeks her escape by spending time in Andy´s house. At the beginning of Summer vacation she heads to Andy´s and is greeted at the door by her Nemesis Gabe Green a.k.a. Andy´s big brother, three years older than her. Since they were kids, Gabe constantly mocked, insulted and messed up with her and his little brother. They can´t stand each other. But something changes... After two years, Gabe has come back from college to stay for Summer vacations. Nobody knows why but Gabe has a secret. It is something that made him be the way he is now. Different. A changed man. Lily fights with Andy after refusing to go to a band play at the local place because she can´t stand the cool kids and the cheerleaders. She tells Andy he only wants to go there because he is afraid to lose his throne as a popoular guy because his brother is in town. Lily feels bad and heads to see the band play, and when she spots Andy he doesn't even acknowledge her so she sits at the bar. He realizes the guy sitting at her side is Gabe. They talk and he tells her Andy is interested in her but she says they are only friends. Gabe wants to prove a point and kisses Lily. Andy of course gets mad and demands an explanation from Lily and tells her he doesn't know who she is anymore and leaves her in the parking lot outside the place where the band was playing. Gabe appears and says his brother is jealous. Lily has no one to talk to about her parents issues so she finds refugee with Gabe. He tells her the reason he came back home for vacations. They spend some quality time together and begin bonding to the point that they find support in each other and something else starts to grow between them. Happily ever afters and love don't last forever when you are this young right? So what will happen when he goes back to school? He´s been known to be a player after all...
  • The Gatekeeper's Challenge (Gatekeeper's Saga #2) on June 12, 2013

    I liked this book way much more than the first. After the gods make an oath in River Styx not to make Therese a God because she is not worthy of Thanatos after she failed to kill the man who murdered her parents, she is left alone. She keeps having dreams of Than but she hasn´t really seen him in ten long months. I understand why Than is in love with her but not the other way around. Yes, he is H-O-T, she met him at the skirts of the underworld when she followed her parents after the accident, and kissed him because he was very lovely, but we never really know what does she sees in him besides being gorgeous, the God of death and kind to her. There were parts that made me laugh by the wit of them both. I was seriously glued to my kindle when reading the five challenges. She had to (view spoiler) She almost passed with honors each and one of the challenges and guess which one did she failed?! She was soooo Soooo easily tricked and that is something I didn´t like at all and in my opinion the Furies were extra information we didn´t have to read.. She was already calling for Vicky, they didn´t have to "force"/"scare" her to do it. Seriously?! I think the series could end with this one but I´ll give the benefit of the doubt and read the third installment why?! Because I want my HEA without Than suffering year by year (view spoiler). How are you going to pull that off Mrs. Pohler?! "May I pet him?" - I was glad not to see this very often in the story. There were parts I thought I saw a glimpse of a more mature Therese. Aside from the things I didn´t like, I read this book in a day, It´s good indeed. This woman knows her way through Greek Mythology. Maybe she is a Historian ... hmmm
  • The Gatekeeper's Sons on June 12, 2013

    Tragedy happens in Therese´s life after she watches her parents die.. While she´s in a coma she dreams with a hot guy called Hypnos (She doesn´t know he´s the Greek God of sleep). She´s been known to be a lucid dreamer always taking control of her surroundings so she summons her parents and see that they are fine and "alive". Below her she watches as a raft with people in it. She flies to the edge of the Underworld where she sees that her parents are in the raft with a man. She calls after them and she almost faints. Thanatos holds her and still thinking she´s controlling one of her dreams she kisses Than. Having a God falling for you is not a wish of every girl...specially if he´s the God of Death. But this one is a Greek God Hot as Hell .!! called Thanatos. A lot of twists and turns happen in this book that make you stay glued to your computer/Kindle as long as your eyelids allow you to stay awake LOL. After six pages and I was hooked and crying in my desk AT WORK.!! ;) Thanatos wants to make her his queen of the Death so he makes a deal with his father Hares to make her a God. Hares accepts but with one condition. She has to avenge her parents by killing the man who orchestrated their deaths. Thanatos goes to the living world to try to win her heart. I don´t want to give anything away about this book. You must read it to enjoy the fantasy world Eve has given us in this Trilogy. Even though I loved the plot, the love, the friendship, the twists and turns there was something I didn´t like about it that was the "sex" talk. I think this book should have been directed to a more mature audience giving Therese an older age and a less immature personality. ***Spoiler*** Moments I enjoyed among others *wink* Maybe he was a figment. "Figment! I command you to show yourself!" Hip rolled his eyes again and said, "Give it a rest. I never should have taught you that." She had come, put her arms around him, and told him he was lovely-so lovely- and she had kissed him. Who in the history of time had ever done that to Death? Therese had baffled him. Earlier in the pen, she shouter prayers at him that had made it hard for him to keep straight face. She had said, "What are you looking at? You think you´re so sexy? So what if you are? Quit looking at me like that! You´re a jerk, aren´t you?" "Never in a million centuries," Hades managed to say in between laughs, "would I have ever imagined that one of my sons would come to me asking if he could have a pet!" And this one almost made me cry... "Speaking of pain, if McAdams, you know... I won´t let you suffer. I´ll take your soul, and I´ll take you straight to your parents."