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  • Between The Land And The Sea on Nov. 18, 2011

    My Rating: 4.0 / 5 First thoughts: This is a story which you'll want to read within a few hours and it's so wonderfully written that it's possible to achieve this. Since I had a lot of other things to do, I needed a little bit more than a day, but whenever I had time to read, I would pick this up and try to be a part of Marina's wonderful world again. Such a lovely novel! More detailed: Between the Land and the Sea is a story about a young girl who is thrown into the world of high school and crushes, while having to deal with the realization that she might have a close link to the paranormal world she is slowly discovering. It's beautifully written and I loved seeing Marina grow comfortable in Aptos, making friends and slowly finding out more about her heritage. Marina is a very likeable character. Between the Land and the Sea is told by a first person narrator from her point of view and it's easy to relate to her feelings and to see the world from her perspective. I love how much she cares for the people who are close to her and how she has no problem to stick up for them. She's a very good friend, daughter and niece and overall a lovely main character. All the other characters are really great, too. Ethan, Marina's love interest, is very down-to-earth and cares about other people just as much as Marina does. They're a good couple and I'm really looking forward to see how their relationship will develop in the future novels. The other characters that we get to know better are great as well. I'm mostly thinking of Cruz, Marina's cousin, Megan, Cruz' best friend, and Abby, Marina's aunt. They all share Marina and Ethan's good character traits. But I have to admit that I would have preferred to see some flaws. They're so perfect - it's like they never make mistakes and I hope to see some more character development in the sequels. But besides this, I really liked this novel. I haven't read many mermaid stories yet and I'm completely intrigued by the world Derrolyn Anderson has presented us so far. Hopefully Marina will find out more about the mermaids in the sequels since I'm definitely looking forward to see more of their world. All in all, Between the Land and the Sea is a wonderful novel that you should give a chance, if only to witness this beautiful style of writing.
  • Everblossom: A Short Story and Poetry Anthology on Jan. 06, 2012

    My Rating: 3.0 / 5 First thoughts: This anthology is different. At some points it's a little bit macabre and makes you wince, at some points it's sad and then again it makes you smile. I'm not entirely sure what I expected from this, but I was definitely surprised. If you're looking for a short book to distract you from heavier reads, you should pick this up. More detailed: Everblossom is a quite short anthology and therefore a very fast and easy read. It's a mixture of short stories and poems, which is the reason why I was immediately intrigued by this. In my opinion, anthologies are great books to pull yourself together after a heartbreaking read and prepare yourself for the next longer novel. And Everblossom definitely made this possible. When I started reading this, I was especially looking forward to the poetry since it's been a long while since I've read a few poems. But in the end I turned out to like the short stories a lot better. My favorite short story is Changes whose characters and their secrets immediately intrigued me. I would love to read more about them! What I was missing is a real connection between the individual parts. Every short story and poem by itself is intriguing, but the transitions from one story/poem to another weren't very smooth. I'm not sure though whether it's because of the very short length of the individual works or whether a different order would have done the trick. Like I've mentioned above, this anthology can be a little bit creepy and macabre at certain points, which Larissa Hinton already points out in her introduction. I really enjoyed these parts, but I would recommend this for an older audience. All in all, Everblossom is an intriguing and easy read which I definitely enjoyed. --- I received an eCopy of this anthology from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.