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  • 13 Years in America on Nov. 13, 2012

    I don’t usually write reviews but felt compelled to do so for this one. 13 Years is a true inspiration. If you have a hard time dealing with reality and following someone making an honest attempt at finding happiness, then you won’t like it. But if you are ready for some honesty and truth, then you’ll love and appreciate this book. Life isn’t sugar-coated here. Things don’t turn out the way you might want, but that’s life. It’s easy to criticize someone else’s choices, but when you get to know the characters and understand their purpose, then their choices make sense and infact they’re the only choices that are possible without them selling out. Throughout the book, Melanie chooses the hard path because it’s real. She chooses poverty over conformity and authenticity over consumerism. I applaud her drive and perseverance, and I thank her for writing this book and sharing her inspiring story with others. I’ll be awaiting more from this author.