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  • Techniques to Counter Common Time Thieves on Sep. 25, 2013

    This “how to” book is informative and brilliant! Sue communicates succinctly and gets her message across quickly. Throughout she is mindful of your time and no word is wasted. Sue’s style is refreshing and at times hard hitting. She leaves you with no doubt that time management techniques are abundant and will help you to work smarter. Their effectiveness however is totally up to you and your self-management. Sue brings hope to those encountering time thieves. She clearly states that “there are simple, yet highly effective strategies to use to arrest time thieves in their tracks.” She then proceeds to list them appropriately in four chapters relating to – Meetings, Telephones, Email and Interruptions. The final chapter of general tips provides even more tips to help you become even more productive. There are scores of strategies in these five chapters and they are worth their weight in gold! If you want to learn how to use your time more effectively, and/or to eliminate your time thieves, I encourage you to download this short book now. PS There is an added bonus - a quick glimpse of Sue’s travel book: The Kiwi Sisters’ Camino de Santiago. Sue has included a chapter from her book at the end so sit down, relax and enjoy it. Hopefully it will be a reminder to you that you can, with effective self-management, use your time more effectively, work smarter and turn your dream into a reality!