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Firedance is about books. All kinds of books. All kinds of stories. We love books – the mainstream, the quirky, the airport novels and the classics, the surreal, the off-beat, or the epic. In a publishing market which is shrinking to celebrity autobiographies and formulaic novels, pale imitations of the last best seller — what will be next? Fifty Shades of Cream?— just don’t do it for us anymore. We want more. Do you?

So this is the Firedance promise. That we will bring you books we think are great. Well-written. Fun. Inspiring. Cracking good reads. We won’t say: Oh that’s never going to make us enough money. Or: Comedy doesn’t sell. Or: Gosh, isn’t the third wave of dystopian fiction over now? Most publishers publish books they think will make them money. We publish books we think you will enjoy.

We bring together freedom of creative expression with professional publishing standards in a not-for-profit organization. Almost all the money we make from sales goes back to the original authors so they can continue to bring you books. Our professional copy-editors, proof readers, graphic designers all work for free.

Why? Because we believe in great literature, and in a wide choice at sustainable prices. We believe art is driven by a love of art and stories are created by the Muse… and not by some accountant’s bottom- line prediction.

If you want to try some of the writers whose work we are considering—or publishing— see where new free fiction is available daily. Or read some of the Firedance shorts on this site.

Everyone at Firedance is a reader as well as a writer. And we want the widest selection possible in the marketplace—a range of books which allows you to discover new writers, new genres and new loves.

Firedance. Words that burn.

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