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I started creative writing in September 2008 as I really wanted to write a book but had no idea where to start, so I enrolled on a creative writing course at the local college and I've never looked back since.
I still haven't written the novel I expected to write either as my eyes were opened to so many other avenues of creative writing.
By June 2009 I joined the Holmfirth Writers' Group and March 2010 I became the treasurer.
Since then we have relaesed two anthologies with over 350 sales.
Personally I have had some poems published, an article in a cat magazine and published my first book in rememberance of my grandparents and their writing.
However, everything has been leading up to this moment - the release of COWS! my first novel.
It has been two years in the making an after reading it to group members, friends, family and local primary school children it has initially been well received. I hope it goes on to do even better and that I will be able to publish a printed version in the near future.

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