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Fishcake Publications was established in February 2012 as a reaction to the traditional publishing world. The owner, Martin Rothery, was becoming increasingly frustrated at seeing so many talented writers not getting the recognition they deserved just because they didn't fit in with some marketing strategy or current trend of the mainstream publishers. He held to the belief that if someone has taken the time to write something then it deserves to available to be read and not just pushed aside by the would-be gate keepers of what the public gets to choose from.
Using Martin's own novel, COWS!, as the flagship book to start this company Fishcake Publications has gone on to publish several more titles and introduce several new authors to the public and hopes to introduce many more in the future. Fishcake Publications also looks at work from any genre and, as long as it is well written, looks to promote any work of merit.
Fishcake Publications is the independent publisher with the author in mind and looks to give them that introductory platform onto the world publishing stage.

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