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Smashwords book reviews by fishgutmartyr

  • Mighty Hammer Down on Jan. 28, 2011
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    So far, I've read both Mighty Hammer Down, and Blood and Bronze. I love the plot, but unfortunately for this volume, the dialogue (and it's politics) becomes cumbersome and repetitive. It isn't the political viewpoint so much as how often that viewpoint is expressed throughout the novel. The characters spend far too much time explaining their politics, again and again, to the same people. Towards the end of the novel, it became distracting and frustrating as the action would stop while this occurred. It is the plot and characters that stand out. All of the characters, both good and ill, are not so one-sided that they feel like they belong in cartoons. The heroes have flaws; the antagonist is one that has reasonable intentions, albeit horrifying methodologies. Even the gods are imperfect and fallible. The plot is intriguing with interactions between gods, mages, and men both mortal and immortal. When these aspects of the novel are allowed to proceed, it is fast-paced and entertaining. The good news is that the second novel, Blood and Bronze, does allow that to happen on a more consistent basis. Clearly, the author was more comfortable in relaying his opinion via action (and its consequences), so that the second volume moves more freely and with less stumbles. I was very much hooked into it.