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Biography of Dr. O.P.Verma
Dr. O.P.Verma S/O P.L.Verma
Date of Birth - October 10, 1950
280-A, Talwandi, Kota Raj.
Mobile No# 9460816360
Education and Awards
Secondary School Examination 1966 Multi Purpose Higher Secondary School, Kota Distinction 6th rank in Board of Rajasthan
Higher Secondary School Examination 1967 Distinction and 2nd rank in Board of Rajasthan
MBBS - RNT Medical College, Udaipur 1973 First Division
Misc. Awards in Drawing and Painting, Photography, Writing, Poetry etc.
Medical Officer in PHC Atru - Awarded for Best Family Planning Program in 1976
MRSH Fellowship Oxford University 1984
President Scout Award 1969
Award and Lectureship in one year Good Governance Program 2005
Medical Officer in Govt of Rajasthan 1975 to 1998 and ESI Hospital 1999 to 2010
Worked in Libya and other countries for 12 years. Visited Europe, Malta, Pakistan, Dubai, Egypt and Kuwait
Vaibhav Hospital & Diagnostic Institute
Budwig Cancer Care - Treatment of Cancer Patients
Social Activities
Writing Health articles in Hindi and English for all leading Magazines
Publication of Books - अलसी महिमा, दैविक रसायन - अलसी - रोग अनेक उपचार एक, अलसी दर्पण, बुडविग प्रोटोकोल, ओम वाणी, Cancer - Cause and Cure, Awesome Flax - A Book by Flax Guru
Flax Awareness Society
This Organization was formed in 2009. Dr. O.P.Verma is President of Society. He is famous worldwide as Flax Guru. He is one man show and spread the awareness of Flaxseed in whole India. Main Objects are
Awareness of Flaxseed
Promotion of Budwig Protocol for Cancer Patient
Health Awareness
Promotion of Good Fats
Publication of Booklets and Books including Alsi Mahima and others.
Workshops, Seminars, TV Programs, Radio Programs, Free Camps, Press Conferences
Two Flax Awareness Journeys in 2010 and 2011 in different cities of M.P. and Rajasthan Total 7000 Km.

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Program on DD Jaipur
Flaxseed - Miraculous Anti-ageing Divine Food Dr. O.P.Verma Visit us at at http://flaxindia.blogspot.com E-mail -- dropvermaji@gmail.com +919460816360 Flaxseeds have become very popular recently, because they are a richest source of the Omega 3 essential fatty acid; known as Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), lignans and fiber. People in the new millennium may see flaxseed as an important new food super star.

Miracles Of Flaxseed by Dr OP Verma Part 1
Dr. O.P.Verma is India's renouned authority on Flaxseed. He is working for awareness of Flaxseed. He recently travelled 3000 Km across the country for Flax Awareness Program. Website of his Flax Awareness Society is http://flaxindia.blogspot.in

Miracles Of Flaxseed by Dr OP Verma Part 2
Uploaded on 23 Dec 2010 Dr. O.P.Verma is India's renouned authority on Flaxseed. He is working for awareness of Flaxseed. He recently travelled 3000 Km across the country for Flax Awareness Program. Website of his Flax Awareness Society is http://flaxindia.blogspot.com http://memboy.blogspot.com http://diabetes-forum.blogspot.com Mobile No. is 9460816360


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