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Smashwords book reviews by flheat0227

  • Bananaz on April 02, 2011

    If you like porn without plot, this might be for you. I didn't care anything for any of the players.
  • Cooking Class on July 25, 2011

    This was definitely a hot, little number. One thing that threw me for a loop was that nobody gave a second thought to the fact that they would be in a menage relationship. Normally with just about every menage I've read -- unless it's futuristic or PNR or fantasy -- someone thinks about the fact that menage isn't generally accepted, especially in holier-than-thou America. But nobody thought anything! Even when the three went out in public -- and two of them were celebrities -- some eyebrows raised, but nothing other than that. The other thing that threw me for a loop was that within hours (minutes?) of approaching Lily about the cooking show, Evan and Dylan are both banging her with no condoms and no discussion of whether she's on the pill. But it was hot banging. All the way through. And the suspense was interesting. Evan's temper pissed me off a couple of times, but I thought it was great how Lily would always stand up to him. I got it on sale. Even not on sale, it would have been a good buy.
  • Nobody's Hero (Rescue Me Saga #2) on Jan. 13, 2012

    Really great addition to the series. I seriously cannot wait for the next one! Adam and Karla were good together (finally), and I think Damian and Savi are going to be even better.