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Smashwords book reviews by Jessica

  • The Moon Dwellers on Nov. 21, 2012

    The Moon Dwellers was utterly amazing, easily among the best dystopian novels I've ever read. Each moment is masterfully crafted, appealing to different senses and emotions; and as a whole, the novel draws the reader into a world which cannot be escaped. I was generously provided a free copy of the book through Read 4 Review, and initially took notes on a separate document to post upon completion, however this meticulous habit was discarded within a few minutes as I was thrown into an adventure simultaneously action-oriented and emotionally moving. (Too fast-paced for the mundane practice of -god-forbid- note-taking!) The opening was gripping, the imagery amazing, but most of all, the characters were truly likeable. I found myself loving Adele from the first chapter. Her imagination, strength and determination quickly engaged me; key traits which only continued to grow as she matured throughout the novel. Tawni's resourcefulness as well as Cole's magnetic personality provided a great character dynamic. Similarly Tristan's perseverance and Roc's likeable demeanour helped engender further appreciation for the book. And a note to the author, I give great credit to the sarcastic comments! I do love a healthy dose of sarcasm and it is executed with skill in The Moon Dwellers! For me, at the very least, it's rare to find such sarcasm which brings a smile to my face. I thoroughly look forward to reading the next book. Let it be as great as its predecessor.