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Summer Fey Foovay has lived a full life. Working since she was ten, she has done everything from car hop, to Animal Control Officer, to exotic dancer. She has experienced incest, abuse, homelessness, joy, abundance, love, travel, and lots of kinky sex. The result is a person with a positive outlook, a survivor who may fall, but gets up, dusts herself off and gets back on the horse. It's been said that she always manages to find the best in a situation, no matter how awful it may seem. She loves life and loves to share it, and she won't waste time with negativity, or on negative people.

Summer Foovay is both a writer and an artist, and you will find books listed with her as author, illustrator, and often both. Before becoming a published author she created articles for her own websites (and still does) and wrote over 1000 sex stories for porn sites under various pen names.

She is an avid reader, and has many written many book reviews. Although she will read anything she gets her hands on, she likes thrillers, mysteries, true crime, and biographies as well as books about the Law of Abundance, magic, Paganism, and New Age thought.

Now living in New Mexico with her husband, she loves to kayak, hike, ride horses, bicycle, and dreams of buying a ranch someday as well as an RV for travel adventures.

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