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I'm a writer who enjoys the craft, mostly romances and the push-pull between a man and a woman. I've written 16 novels,4 self-help books and 4 YA books. My favorite novels are romances, to read and write. The hero is always strong, hunky and sensitive! The heroine is always sexy, smart and very wary! Mix the two together and it is always a bit magical. E-mail is and also find me at Goodreads and on Twitter (fornat2003). Happy reading my friends!!!!.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I am originally from the East Coast. My dad always wanted to be a writer, and he was what I would call a "word" man!! He had a giant dictionary, on a pedestal, and every time he heard or saw a word he didn't know, he'd consult the dictionary. Up until his death :(he had a long, really terrible time with emphysema) he was mentally sharp. He wrote children's fiction, but never was able to publish. How I wish I could show him what I've done. Even my mother was not able to see my books before she died.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is Organize Your Clothes Closet, a non-fiction, really fun book I wrote this year. I had a blast, reorganizing and straightening and testing products for my closet.

However, after I started my second non-fiction book, the urge to write another romance struck!! I'm six chapters into yet another contemporary romance, which has been in process for over a year, with tons of research. I'm hoping to publish it next month.
Update: It is published. Romance for Angel - The Biker. A true biker story about 2002 Laughlin River Run, where two rival biker gangs fought, with devastating results. Actually, I worked at the casino where the rumble took place, and the morning after, couldn't get to work either way, through AVI or Bullhead. So lots of info in this book is what really happened back then, told to me via my co-workers the day after. And, actually, I ran into a bit of trouble during the writing and researching of this book, so try a chapter and see what you think!!
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