Matthew Fortuna


Just some guy looking for writing advice. If you can, please tell me if I could do things better. Also, if you find things you like, please share. I'd like to write as well as I can. Thanks. = )
PS: new ideas and book suggestions are welcome! Tell me what you want to read in your stories and I'll see if I can make them a part of the books I'm writing! =D

Smashwords Interview

What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
I really have no experience with marketing to be honest...
Describe your desk
Erm(ish)... well, it has a piano on it... I guess... I use the Forte from writer learning for all my typing needs so that sort of sits there every once in a while... Some badly formatted pages from various (and quite shameful) stories that I'm kind of embarrassed about. No questions please.... Hmmm... My scriptures, a stick of deodorant, and an awkward looking bonsai all claim space on my desk... That's pretty much it. Everything else is personal. = )
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