Amateur animator, and science-fiction enthusiast.

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  • Angel Station on April 07, 2013

    Another well-crafted, gritty and surreal space-opera from a truly under-rated author. Williams handles multiple plot-lines well, with confidence and grace, balancing tension and exposition with masterful use of language and pacing. Love this book and this author!
  • Days of Atonement on April 28, 2013

    Loren Hawn is such a memorable character, somewhat flawed but so human and real. This book - like it's author - is remarkably underrated. It can be appreciated on many levels; as a police procedural or as a mystery with a touch of underplayed sci-fi weirdness, which makes it accessible to even non-sci-fi-readers. Williams has a gift for action and pacing, masterfully laying down the layers of mystery, and building-up the various plot-lines. His locations and characters feel authentic, their interactions and dialogue feel honest and real, and imparts a strong sense-of-place. Now, this novel - in the hands of a competent producer - would make a great film, so long as it was adapted with respect and authenticity.