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Frances Burke is an Australian writer of romantic historical novels set in many different countries and periods, usually with a background of war or civil upheaval, and from the viewpoint of a woman challenging the accepted mores of the time. The books are fast moving and historically accurate, with romance and adventure as major themes.

Researching on the spot is an excellent excuse for an author to travel and delve into past events. That's part of the fun of writing historicals. And they are all romances in the true sense, i.e. tales of adventure, misadventure and love in all its guises.

Both ENDLESS TIME and HOLD HIGH THE FLAME have won Australia-wide awards. DRAGON WIND RISING and WINDSTORM are set in more recent times, one during the 1900 Boxer Rebellion in China, and the other during WW1 Arabia; while SCARLET WIND, depicts a very different aspect of the 1789 French Revolution. ENCHANTRESS is a Tudor novel with paranormal elements; LADY OF THE FLOWERS is set in the court of Louis XV and in Quebec during the English bombardment. DARK PASSAGE is another Australian historical romance with a touch of murder. SWEET IMPOSTER is a Regency novella, as well as SMUGGLER'S MOON, an adventure romance. The latest book published is a modern day/Tudor mystery romance,AT DAGGERS DRAWN. So there's something for everyone. Enjoy.

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