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  • Stasis Leaked Complete: The Unofficial Behind the Scenes Guide to Red Dwarf on Dec. 18, 2012

    I have been reading the E.Book version of Stasis Leaked Complete by Jane Killick. This book is a must for any Red Dwarf fan! If you think you know it all then you are probably wrong I know I was. I could not believe how much I had forgotten about the series, each chapter had me running to my DVDs partly because it made me desperate to re-watch the episodes I had just read about and partly to confirm Jane's accuracy (she always turned out to be right). The style is easy to read and not at all dry as some guides can be. The personal touches which can only be made by someone who is not only well informed but who was actually there for some of the time make the book even more compelling. The formatting on my smart phone was clean with none of the frustrating glitches that make some E.books hard to read. All in all Stasis Leaked Complete is a fun, accurate, useful reference book for when you are out and about and feel the need to answer a Red Dwarf question or just want a chuckle remembering the episodes or discovering the behind the scenes madness that went into making one of British comedy's best shows. P.S. Having the E.Book version I was able to download the updated version which includes chapters on the new series and have it straight away. Yay for E.Book format.