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Caitlin Ricci
Latest book: Bolivar. Published July 31, 2018.
Cat Blaine
Latest book: Eric and Sloot. Published November 2, 2015.
J.D. Walker
Latest book: The Artist's Mechanic. Published April 21, 2019.
Kara Solberg
Latest book: Somebody to Love. Published June 11, 2018.
Laura S. Fox
Latest book: Box Shaped Heart. Published January 24, 2019.
Lei Carol
Latest book: Claiming his Bears. Published November 6, 2015.
Matthew J. Metzger
Latest book: Tea. Published January 7, 2019.
Mel Bossa
Latest book: Chicken Soup. Published April 21, 2019.
Michelle Woody
Latest book: Merrick the Art Thief. Published August 16, 2018.
R.W. Clinger
Latest book: Marine Handsome. Published April 2, 2019.
S.J. Frost
Latest book: Demon Prince. Published March 31, 2017.
Sarah Hadley Brook
Latest book: Snowed In: Shawn and Logan. Published February 24, 2019.
Terry O'Reilly
Latest book: Go to Him. Published March 16, 2019.
Wayne Mansfield
Latest book: The Kiss. Published March 16, 2019.