Frederick L. King


Frederick L. King (aka Rick King) has worked in both radio and television, and as a salesman, selling musical gear to musicians both famous and not so famous. A musician himself, he recorded six contemporary Christian rock CD’s beginning in 2001. His bestselling CD “Beyond the Here and Now” was recorded under the name Mercydeep and consisted of electronic music compositions.
While still interested in music, it has taken a back seat to his interest in writing, which he began to pursue in earnest after completing his degree in Illustration and Graphic Design. “The writing sort of grew from my paintings.” he explains. “I would paint all of these science fiction illustrations and then create these intricate story plots to go along with them.” His gallery can be viewed at . He is available for hire.
In addition to his novels for young people, he has a few adult novels in the works, set in the same universe as the Raymond books. The adult series will be named The Space Force Chronicles, and will center on Captain Marsha Law and her fight against the infamous pirate captain Tobias Jones.
Frederick lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and three sons; Joseph, Benjamin and Ronald.


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