Smashwords book reviews by freelunch

  • Honey, I Fucked the Kids, Part 1: I Blew Out the Candles on Nov. 09, 2020

    Surprisingly excellent! I'm familiar with Jenni's work from various online platforms and I was curious. This is a solid story with a sympathetic central character. There is sex and it is well written - not fade-to-black but not porn either. This is billed as "part one" and I hope we get to read more. We've been given an ending and an open road for the characters to follow.
  • All I Want for Christmas is Mom on Dec. 15, 2020

    I like that the author took her time setting the scene. Good build-up but everyone was too keen. I like some angst and moral anguish in my taboo porn and there's no hint of that here. Editing is decent. A few typos remain and there are two Chapter Twos (not repeated text, just a formatting error) but nothung bad enough to disrupt the story. The entire book is written from the son's point of view, which surprised me from a female author. I would have liked to get inside mom's... head. And finally, the sex is good. The dialogue while they do the deed reads like a porn script, but mother and son give it their all and clearly have a great time. I've read this author's free online work before. She knows her craft and I'm sure I'll read her again. 3.5 "Happy Christmas" stars.
  • Killer Clowns on May 31, 2021

    Filthy, fucked-up fun for the whole family. Well, this whole family at least. Really, all you need is the author's trigger warning: This book includes incest, questionable consent, clowns with big parts other than their noses, and a whole lot of creampies that can’t be found on shelves. For mature audiences only. If that sounds like a a good time to you then Jennifer Johnson writes it well. The whole story reads like a drug-induced fever dream, without the "it was all an illusion" cop-out I almost expected to see at the end. Four cream-filled stars. Would read again. Recommended, but if you suspect you're the wrong audience for this book then you are probably correct.
  • Keeping it in the family on March 02, 2022

    Lets start with things I didn't like about this story. Forced feminization is not my kink. Cross-dressing can be hot, but anything more is usually a turn-off for me. Also, the reveal that Alan and Annabelle were adopted felt a little too bait'n'switch to me. I've gotten my complaints out of the way up front because either of these elements could easily have caused me to abandon the story, both of them together should certainly have done so. But Naomi writes this well enough that I liked the twins and bought into their story. The party scene felt plausible in the way ridiculous porn scenes can, and the sex is hot with lots of participants (some unidentified by the twins, some very *familiar* to them), and everything is wonderfully messy and *fluid*. The story ends with the family going into pandemic lockdown and the promise of more to come. I'll be there for it.
  • Piano on March 09, 2022

    The simple but attractive cover art for this short (1,320 word) story caught my eye while browsing online. I'm so glad it did, because R. Cane's storytelling is wonderful and her grasp of the sights, sounds and smells experienced by her heroine put me right in the moment. Very highly recommended!