Friday St. James


I have lived all over the country, including the East Coast, Midwest and New England, and I currently call the Pacific Northwest home. Although I have traveled far and wide, visiting over a dozen countries, I yearn to someday hike the countryside villages of Ireland and browse the Durbar festivals in Nigeria. I love art, design and fine red wines, though not particularly in that order; they fuel my passion for writing. An avid reader, I enjoy well-written books from most every genre. Erotic romance is my favorite thing to write for the visceral reaction it can elicit. My intent is to encourage my reader to experience the joy that my heroines feel and to cheer for them when they falter. When not writing, I can be found spending time with great friends, taking long walks with my husband, or trying to revive one of the many plants I have neglected while at the mercy of one of the more insistent characters in my books.


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