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  • The Moon Dwellers on Nov. 23, 2012
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    Wow, this was a great book. I'm a huge fan of YA dystopian and The Moon Dwellers didn't disappoint. Thanks to the author, David Estes, for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. When I got this book, I had enough time to read a chapter before I fell asleep. It's hard to pull me into a book after the first chapter, but this one definitely did. I admit that I rolled my eyes a little at the "instant connection" between Adele and Tristan, but it wasn't so in your face that it made me want to close the book and move on. I wanted to see how they would meet, if they would have an instant love, or if they would play it smart during a time of world-turmoil. I appreciate that, while Tristan's journey is predicated on finding her, it was Adele's journey that took precedence in the story. Their love story was indeed secondary, at least so far. I really liked the dystopian world set up by Estes. It was different than any that I've read before. The sub-earth setting was really curious and added an element of curiosity to the story since it's not something that we know a lot about. I'm looking forward to learning about the Star Realm and then the Sun Realm... I would love to see what the earth looks like during this time too... a prequel, David?? Probably my favorite part of the book... the grown-up teenagers. I love reading YA fiction, but being twice the age or more of most teenagers, I hate the language of teen books. The unnecessary swearing, the cliche slang, and mindless sayings all drive me nuts. But these characters read like they have grown up due to the their circumstances which makes the book more marketable for folks like me. Thanks, again, David, for the book. I definitely want to read more!