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  • Emily's Ronda Romance on April 25, 2013

    First a disclaimer. I - as a bloke - am not generally into these kind of novels, however I do enjoy a good romance and comedy. I bought this mainly due to stumbling upon it by chance, and being in one of those "weak" moments, decided to read something different. Best decision I have ever made as it surprised me at not only how well written it was, but how it dragged me into the story to the point that I had to finish it in one sitting. Few stories and novels do that for me, and if this is an indication of Michelle Cameron's writing [I believe it is her first novel as I haven't found any others online], I definitely be waiting for the next one. Its filled with romance, a lot of humour, and a couple of twists here and there. Enough to keep you reading. Great work Michelle, hope there's another one in the pipeline. And also thanks for the "tour" of Spain within the novel ;)