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  • You Can Eat This! 22 Gluten Free Comfort Recipes on July 17, 2012

    Tam has created some incredibly delicious breads and desserts over the years. I have worked with her husband for 17 years and when he brings in one of her dishes, I can't stop myself from having seconds or thirds or bringing leftovers home. When I was at a party at their home several years ago, she expressed her disdain for some of the wheat/gluten-free foods she had tasted. I must say I hate some of them as well. Now she has meticulously crafted some great wheat/gluten-free versions of stuff that a lot of us loved to eat but may not be able to any more. Each of her recipes is worth more than a buck to me (especially considering the time, effort, and expense it took to develop them) and you're getting 22 of them for a buck. That's a bargain and half. I purchased my copy today.