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  • Star Wars: Awakening on Nov. 08, 2012
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    Hello Star Wars Fans! Hello David! I am definitely one of those Star Wars fans who did not like the Prequels! I am very excited to see David's work here! I have not fully read David's book, but there is good reason. More on that later. More importantly! What David is doing is exactly what the world needs. Many people were upset with the Prequels. So many of those people have wondered what happened, how they went so wrong. David is the example of what needs to be done! If a story is bad in our modern world we, the fans, can rewrite it! In the case of the Prequels there are literally hundreds of authors, moviemakers and artists sharing their vision of what they thought the Prequels should be! The best part of the Prequels being so terrible is that they have inspired a whole generation of humans to do their best and make a story! David has done a pretty damn good job here. Characters interesting and the changes made to plot and events are very interesting too! Even having not fully read the book, I agree with other reviews that some of the grammatical and spelling errors are bothersome, but nothing that some editing could take care of. Way more important to me is that David has made his mark. This is the Star Wars he loves! Now he is sharing it with all the world through the power of the web! Now for a little clarification! The reason why I haven't delved fully into David's version is that I am writing my own retelling of the Prequels! Check out my progress at and on facebook look for the Improved Star Wars Prequels page! The Force is with you David!