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  • Child Molestation Stories: Voices of Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (Molestation, Rape, and Incest) on Feb. 25, 2012

    There was a ton of awesome information in this book, including information about types of sexual abuse and how abuse affects the victim. I appreciated the information as someone who has close friends who were sexually abused as a child. I would have liked a bit more information about what to do to help someone who's been through this. One friend, for example, worries that she won't be able to tell the difference between 'appropriate' and 'inappropriate' contact because of things that happened when she was young. I have yet to figure out how to address her concerns. I suppose if she had a decent therapist, they would help, but she can't exactly afford one. I was glad this book did cover both "normal sexual play" and "false memories". Both topics are so sensationalized in the media that I'm sure they lead to many people excusing things that have happened. In general, this was an excellent summary. I would've liked even more information, but I definitely recommend it as a "primer" about sexual abuse and the issues it causes.