Gabrielle Grice


Gabrielle Grice is a retired police officer moving into the next phase of her life - Author.

A very avid reader (averaging 9-10 books per month) of mostly suspense romance and thrillers, she has always wanted to write a novel but could never get started. Now with excess time on her hands she has completed her first novel, "Take the Money and Run" and has several more in the works including the second book in the Money triology, "Pennies From Heaven."

Now available - "Four Weeks In February," a romance-family saga.

She lives in the suburbs of New York City with her three rescue mutts; Candy, Bella and Jinx. The dog Jinx in the Malone triology is a cross between her dearly departed lab-mix named Max and her Lhasa Apso, Jinx.

Gabrielle thanks her friends and family for being her first readers and encouraging her to keep writing. They have also been very helpful in thinking up names of fictional people and places when needed.


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