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Gail is a transformational author and a global resilience catalyst and coach. Visit her website Resilient Heart™ at She empowers you to be audacious and follow your heart to live to the fullest with meaning and joy no matter what your circumstances. Let Gail guide you through the seemingly insurmountable transitions life can sometimes dish out. She can teach you to adapt and flow with change but also empowers you to take control where possible. You might want to initiate change as you feel stuck or in a rut but don't know how to release your hijacked spirit. Helping you to connect to your resilience within, and through self-discovery and mindfulness you can more than cope and get through challenges: you can grow, and go from floundering to flourishing. You can learn to hear your inner guidance and follow your resilient heart's wisdom thus living an authentic expression of your truth. You can orchestrate the greatest life of your dreams. Learn to unfurl your imagination to what is possible.

Walking her talk, Gail rebounded after the death of her beloved husband Frank at the age of 51 to lung cancer. She worked for years as a hospice volunteer, helping patients live their passion as fully as possible until their last breath. She then assisted their families in their grieving process. Gail is also a mourning mentor and can be your companion through grief from any type of loss: death, divorce, relationship, job, or health. You can integrate your loss, reclaim yourself and even design a new direction with purpose and fulfillment. Make your present powerful while still honoring your past.

Applying heart and soul is Gail's approach to everything. Her presence, compassion, comfort, wisdom and joy permeate her life, her books, her coaching and her speaking engagements. Gail is a captivating speaker and an engaging workshop facilitator who empowers and motivates you to your full potential.

Gail means "joy", and her zest for life is apparent: she is curious; she is an explorer of the unknown; she is a world traveling gypsy who always follows her heart, and her laughter is infectious. She inspires her clients to also live wholeheartedly with more happiness and gratitude.

She has studied ancient wisdom from many cultures and for over 30 years has had a keen interest in symbols and their sacred meanings. To be a clear instrument for the Divine is her daily prayer.

Soul safaris are available to Africa and Greece with Gail.

Gail's first degree is in education and she holds a Master's of Science in education with a focus on communications. She has worked as a management consultant for the US Air Force, DuPont, Texas Instruments, and the Dallas Police Department, to name a few. She specialized in stress management, corporate and personal goal setting, and interpersonal communication skills. She has been an administrator at the Skyros Center, a course-based holistic holiday site in Greece. . Throughout her life she has been an inspiring teacher and an avid learner.

When she asked her Mom where her roots were (since she had attended 25 schools and lived in 15 states) Gail was told she was a potted plant and took her roots with her wherever she went. So after bungee-jumping off her own bridge, as a leap of faith into the next chapter of her life after Frank's death, she took her roots to Africa. There she reclaimed her sense of adventure. She lived and worked at a guest lodge in Namibia, Africa doing massage and energy work as a Reiki Master/Teacher, selling her artwork, and generally helping run the lodge for six years. Gail now lives on the Greek island of Paros with her one eyed cat Romeo, writing and coaching surrounded by orchids in her office by the sea.

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Gail has authored a chapter in Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 3, entitled, Let the Magic Begin: Follow Your Heart. This life changing, transformational book is published by The Transformation Catalyst, Christine Kloser, and features inspirational stories from authors around the world, including Lisa Nichols and SARK. Other authors include: Andrea Rockstein-Ahrens, Candace Asher, Kaylan Daane, Lynn Finley, Lara Homans, Linda Hyden, Nisha Jackson, Zemirah Jazwierska, NuLuv Jones, Tiffany Kane, David Kloser, Charlotte Lawrence, Jacqueline Lawrence, Char "Mama Char" Leonard, Dinah Lin, Norie A. Marfil, Sabrina Martinez, Sharon Matthias, Carin Rockind, Melissa Rowe, and Shalini Joshi Yamdagni.

Gail is a coauthor of Parian Chronicles: Foreign Affairs with a Greek Island which is also available on Amazon. This is a collection of personal stories about the writers' early days living on the Greek island of Paros. Most arrived from four continents during the 1960's, 70's and 80"s. This collection allows you to glimpse what life was like on Paros before modernization and mass tourism. These are love stories that pay homage to Paros and her people. Other authors include: Gregorio Altamirano, Mary Bilz & Bert Jones, Fionnuala Brennan, Robin Brown, Charlotte Carlin, Patricia Donnelly, Annelize Goedbloed, Deirdre Grieve, Irene Grootendorst, Sabine Grootendorst, Phillada Lecomte, Jean Polyzoides, Suzanne Rolland, Alexandra Senfft, and Florence Tamburro.

Later this year Gail has a new book coming out, Resilient Heart: Transcending the Death of Your Loved One.

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Resilient Heart: Transcending the Death of Your Loved One
Price: $9.97 USD. Words: 61,240. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Death, Grief, Bereavement
Take a Deep Breath! You WILL Get Through This! There is Comfort, Support, and Hope for Your Shattered Heart. The death of your loved one has left you reeling, lost, and disoriented. Take my hand: I’ve walked this treacherous journey myself and within the pages of this book I will light your way and give you hope to survive this devastation.

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