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Mary has worked in the field of healthcare technology over the last ten years. She has implemented automated anaesthetic record keeping systems across 43 Queensland hospitals to provide a solution that supports improved clinical decision-making and patient outcomes in the perioperative setting. Mary has delivered patient queuing and wait management systems for Gold Coast outpatient clinics and has integrated electronic cardiotocography and intrapartum recording into the maternity section of the Gold Coast University Hospital.
Prior to this, she worked for more than 20 years across a range of industries including defence, telecommunications, banking and healthcare in both management and consulting roles. Her project experiences range from the highly-technical (such as developing sonar and radio communications for defence) to those that transform businesses (for example, re-engineering company processes to handle a five times increase in the customer base).
This wealth of experience has enabled her to develop advanced skills, not only in project and program management, but also business process re-engineering and organisational change management. Mary has also led, managed and mentored many multi-disciplinary project teams.
This flexibility extends to her academic credentials. Mary holds degrees in Mathematics, as well as in Classics and Humanities. Her PhD thesis on human behaviour and belief systems was completed within three years and was described as outstanding by a senior Professor at Oxford University.
Mary maintains her academic interests in parallel with her working life and has lectured and tutored part-time. She has authored and presented a paper on the mating rituals of the ancient Greek adolescent at .the Australian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS) 2007 conference.
Mary has also authored and presented a paper on the benefits of anaesthetic record keeping at the Health Informatics Conference HIC2009. Her paper has since been published in the electronic Journal of Health Informatics.

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Life, Death and Artemis
This series, via an extensive process of analysis and assessment shows conclusively that when looking at the broader picture: 1. the cult of Artemis qualifies as a religion in its own right; 2. that the Greek perception of Artemis demonstrates a significant correlation between Artemis and βíος, the way of life; 3. that she was a goddess who not only started and ended life but also kept it on track throughout its span, keeping it within defined boundaries and pruning out errant individuals and societies – generally preserving and maintaining life in balance. The series consists of several volumes; the first addresses the diverse imagery of Artemis; the second addresses the cult practices; and the third addresses the perceived active role of Artemis. The concluding section of volume 3 summarises the findings, both similarities and differences, to demonstrate the level of support that exists for the thesis that Artemis was essentially a life power.


The Influence of Artemis
Series: Life, Death and Artemis. You set the price! Words: 60,480. Language: English. Published: October 13, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Ancient, Nonfiction » History » European
This third volume provides evidence of rites of Artemis during the course of life, and her perceived role in relation to both transitions at each stage of life and continuous practices throughout life. This is separated into three areas: the female life-cycle; the male life-cycle; and the way of life of the polis / society.
Artemis and the Ritual Process
Series: Life, Death and Artemis. You set the price! Words: 66,860. Language: English. Published: July 13, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Antiquities & Archaeology, Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Ancient
This is the second volume in the series 'Life, Death & Artemis'. In this volume the myriad practices of Artemis' worship are placed within the framework of religion as proposed by Roy Rapport, religious anthropologist. In so doing this enables parallels to be drawn with Artemis as the representation of life, a continuation of the theme found in the ancient art and artefacts (volume 1).
Reference Volume ~ Life, Death and Artemis
Series: Life, Death and Artemis. Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 83,860. Language: English. Published: January 27, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Ancient, Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Ancient
This is the final volume in the series Life, Death and Artemis, this volume is very much devoted to the needs of the academic. It provides all the references to the source data, including reference to the art and artefact catalogues, a list of find sites for these artefacts, ancient texts and inscriptions, and references to modern literature on the subject.
The Visual Imagery, Artemis & Life
Series: Life, Death and Artemis. You set the price! Words: 28,590. Language: English. Published: January 27, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Ancient, Nonfiction » History » Ancient
'The Visual imagery, Artemis & Life' is volume one of the series 'Life, Death and Artemis'. It is an examination of the diverse imagery related to Artemis, a discussion of both the diversity of representation and the commonality of the themes expressed in the art and artefacts related to Artemis; demonstrating the correlation in the imagery between Artemis and Life.
Lousoi, Myth and Meaning
Price: Free! Words: 6,610. Language: English. Published: September 8, 2017. Categories: Essay » Literature
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
This is an Academic essay exploring the meaning of the Ancient Greek myth of Proitos' Daughters.

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  • Reflections on Oct. 01, 2017

    an unusual collection - these stories make you think. The first few are relatively straightforward but the more you get into the book the stories make you ask yourself questions - they have a sort of "this can't be real" feeling but then you ask yourself "could they be real???" They are intriguing but not sure they always end the way I would like.
  • Conception on Oct. 28, 2017

    The stories make you think - they would be great for a philosophy-ethics course - these are different worlds with cultures very different to our. Right or wrong? Good or bad?
  • The Covenant - On the Origin of the Abrahamic Faith, by Means of Deification on July 07, 2018

    This is a really insightful look at the reality behind beliefs; unfortunately most people don't want to know. The author would probably find the research of the late Godfrey Tanner PhD on the life of Christ interesting. Godfrey bequeathed it to the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia but I don't think anyone has ever gone through it with a view to publication.