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I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. One of those moderately conservative places where everyone knows each other more or less. It has an elementary and high school. Both of which I attended. During my high school years I suffered from a serious bout of depression that lasted well into my first year of college. It was probably the most difficult time of my life thus far. I was having some issues with my mother (which have since been resolved. We have a lovely relationship now) and dealing with a lot of emotional issues. Over the years I spoke to several different psychologists and tried a few types of medication. I had moderate success with both. While this was going on I was also trying to figure out my place in life. I changed majors several times while in college. The more I went to school the more I discovered that I simply enjoyed learning. Every new subject I would dive into head first until I got what I wanted out of it and then moved on.

While that makes for an interesting individual it doesn't work so well in academia. A place where you're expected to focus and specialize for years at a time. That kind of learning process wasn't for me. So I dropped out of college and felt simultaneously empowered and lost. I began to read everything I could about entrepreneurship and working for yourself. Through my research I came across this idea that some people simply have multiple interests. Known as scanners, multipotentialites, and renaissance souls these types of people simply cannot settle into only one thing. While this gave me hope about what I could become I enlisted the help of the now deceased Barbara Sher. After working with her for a few sessions she suggested that I write a book. I had never written a book before, but she assured me I had all of the knowledge and ability to do so. That's where my writing career began I suppose. When I started to work on my first book Chronic Depression: A User's Manual. It was something written from my own past and ongoing experience. Something that showcased my unique perspective on the illness and highlighted (for me) how much I liked helping other people.

It took me a lot longer than I wanted to finish writing and publish that book. But, the effort has been well worth the wait. Because I knew I could do it. I knew that I could make this a real thing and pursue the lifestyle I desperately craved. So here I am today. Continuing to write. Having finally published my first book and making plans to write a new one. I've finally found a way I can share my ideas with those who wish to listen. I don't expect everyone to agree with or resonate with everything I say. That's fine. I realize that we all have our own perspective on things. But, as long as I can give people something to think about. Something to challenge them and have them grow as individuals, that's something I can live with.

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Chronic Depression: A User's Manual
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 37,320. Language: English. Published: June 22, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Mood Disorders, Nonfiction » Psychology » Depression
Most people don't realize that depression can last for years. The word more often conjures up ideas of a short lived, yet intense, sadness that befalls someone after a tragic event. Unfortunately, it can last for many years and it can seem as if nothing will help. This book explores the chronic nature of depression and how someone suffering from it can work towards a better place.

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