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Smashwords book reviews by Amy Hildebrand

  • Blood Ties: The First (A Bane Pack Novel) on May 06, 2013

    I was given this book for free, in exchange for a review. I first need to say I love paranormal/urban fantasy books – werewolves, vamps, mages, wizards, the whole gambit. While I did love how Rustin gave us a new spin on becoming a werewolf. That was very original and very unique. And I also liked that Kendra is a female Alpha, this is very rare, it’s always a male. The action is this book, was what got me to finish the book. I didn’t truly care about any of the characters. This book has all the elements I love, it still left me wanting more. There were places in the book where there was too much detail and then in other places, not enough. I really felt like this book could have used another once over by a beta reader/editor.
  • Reapers With Issues on May 07, 2013

    *I received this book in exchange for an honest review* Do not pick up this book if you have no sense of humor. I loved this book. LOVED it! I laughed the entire way thru it. If you can't laugh at something, you are taking it way too seriously. Seems that no one, not even death can get away from middle management BS. Grim's budget for OHD, Office of Human Death, has been slashed and his plea for extra Reapers is going to the dogs. God puts Jesus in charge, who has no idea about Reaping souls. Grim tries to help Jesus out with things, but with Lucifer always interfering, nothing goes right. Lucifer gives OHD some of his tormented souls, but they aren't Reapers. There are workman comp claims, misunderstandings, bribes, all everyday things you hear of in the government, so why would this be any different? At the end the Four Horsemen find their stride and get their act together to take over the OHD again. The characters are well written and each has their own quirks, which makes it even better! I will definitely be purchasing the other books in the series!! Kudos to the author H.E. Ellis for having the guts/nerves/balls to write this book.
  • The Pilates Class on Dec. 05, 2013

    * I received this book for free, in exchange for an honest review. * Who knew a Pilates class could be so interesting? Each person who attends Petra's Pilate class at the local gym has their own story. Their own reason for being in the class. Roger and Julian their arms aren't working properly and they need to stretch it. Judith because she needs to get away from all the boys in her life! Edie, she needs something to do. Neville to pick up chicks cause he is striking out. Thelma, because she is a spinster who needs to get away from her mum. Roz, well because she is addicted to exercising. But as the book goes, their lives entwine. The people change from resistant to the Pilates class to enjoying it because they have grown. Each character has their own wit and charm. I love Roger for being a clout. The things that he thinks of in class are a RIOT! His part alone made the book. I was upset that Edie just faded away, I thought for sure she'd be in the thick. This is a quickie, but a good quickie! I was surprised at some of the ending. Not shocked, just didn't want it to end that way.