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Gayle (Evankovich) Hayes received a B.A. in English from Montana State University. Over the next thirty years, she wrote in various forms without publishing anything except a column for her hometown newspaper. Then at age 54 she enrolled at the University of Montana’s College of Technology in Missoula to become a paralegal. She discovered the creative embers were still alive when she wrote essays for Comp 101. Gayle graduated with high honors and went to work for the Missoula County Attorney in the Criminal Division. When she retired in 2009, it had again been several years since she wrote creatively. One day she realized she had waited long enough for an idea worthy of a novel. Gayle was determined to write something or give up on the Dream once and for all. Suddenly, the characters came to life and would not let her rest until she told their story

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  • This Little Piggy on May 18, 2012

    I have not read horror since high school when I was required to read Edgar Allan Poe. I read This Little Piggy after becoming acquainted with Craig from his interview site. I admire Craig's ambition and decided to take a look at his writing. I read this story as one might watch a horrific accident. The description of events was wickedly vivid. I could see the blood and smell the stench. I had to read the story a second time, because I could not believe I wanted to recommend it. It is too brutal and beyond edgy. There are elements of style which I found distracting from time to time. Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars. I do give it 4 stars because Craig succeeded wonderfully as an author. He manipulated my sympathies like the smooth operator in a shell game. He could have written GOTCHA! instead of THE END. There is more to this story than the superficial gore. It is horror in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe. As readers, we must confront our own perceptions of victims and villains.