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Gareth Alan lives in the north west of England where he sits on his arse all day, writing short stories, painting pictures and moaning about things that do his head in. He enjoys a good swear and he thinks that he is 'ard... but he isn't. Also he has a beard.

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  • Smashwords Book Marketing Guide on July 03, 2013

    Great book full of advice. Lots of common sense tips as well as many tips that I wouldn't have thought of, plus lots of links. If you have written an e-book, you should definitely give this a read.
  • Fighter's Bite on July 03, 2013

    Great idea for a short story. I was rooting for Bruno all the way through the fight. Highly recommended. Eat 5 stars!
  • The Fruit Of Thy Womb on July 04, 2013

    I must admit, I only downloaded this because of the brilliant book cover. It reminds me of 80s thrash metal album covers. The Fruit Of Thy Womb is a unique zombie tale told with none stop action and it gets right down to the point to keep you reading. Weaved into the story is commentary about greedy corporations ruining in the world, a topic that always gets me going. Here, have 5 stars.
  • Pig Farm on July 06, 2013

    Nice little revenge story. Lots of unexpected events and close calls to keep the story going. I shall beware of pig farmers in the future.
  • The Dog from Hell (Rough Monster Breeding Erotica) on July 06, 2013

    What have I just read? That was the craziest, funniest thing I've ever read. Everything about it is wrong on so many levels. Even the author's name, Felicity McBean. Jesus Christ! It was proper well written too in such graphic detail. I've never read anything like it before but I may have to get some more. I'll be more weary of dogs from now on too.
  • Board Meeting on July 08, 2013

    This is some creative writing. A short piece that reminded me of bullshit meetings I occasionally have to sit through at work. Very well written. At one point I thought I was reading a poem, and at loads of other points I was wondering what certain words meant. Good job Kindles have dictionaries. That's not a bad thing though, twas a fun little read and it killed some time at work.
  • The Slow Descent on Sep. 13, 2013

    Nicely written story as usual from Buchanan. It reminded me of when I look at people who have worked at the same place as me for like 25 years and their whole life revolves around the place and they'd be lost without it. I look at them and think, Jesus Christ, I hope I never get like that. Different subject, but that's what it made me think of. Anyway, nice use of language and plenty of swear words to make you chuckle... or to offend you.
  • Sphera on Sep. 14, 2013

    That was a strange little story, I don't even know what was going on, but I liked it. Sometimes my eye twitches. Now I'm scared that there's a black sphere in there! I wish the story was a little longer, but it worked well as a flash. I shall have to check out the anthology from whence it came.