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Smashwords book reviews by gb726

  • Dirty Little Angels on June 29, 2011

    *******SPOILERS********** Compelling but depressing, Chris Tuksa creates a dark story about the life of teenage girl in a troubled community. As things seemed to get worse and worse I became more engrossed in the book (which, at it's length was a very quick read). Despite an interesting story I had two main problems with this story. First, I despised every single character and found myself not caring about any of them. Even the main character Hailey was completely unlikable. My second problem was the ending. I am not one of those who needs everything tied up in a bow but to end it like how it was done was so frustrating. I would have been happy with SOMETHING that indicated what was to coming but to end it like that felt cheap to me. However, before I reached the poor ending I did find myself enjoying it.