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  • Mutt on Sep. 18, 2012

    I’m not quite sure how I am typing this review right now. My eyes are SOO sore from looking at a computer screen for 2 hours, because I’m reading this book on my computer. It was so worth it though. I couldn’t stop reading this book! Once I started to read, my first thought was not a good one. I knew this type of book, or at least I thought I did, and these types are all well and good, but they weren’t MY type. I’m not a fan of books that exist in their own world, because that’s sort of hard for me to follow. One of the negatives about this book for me is that you do have to pay attention to the history of the place and the people, which got way too complicated for me. I was just like “um….will this be important later on? Do I have to memorize this?” If it weren’t for that one thing, this book would have gotten a 10/10. Now on to the positives, which is like, everything else. This plot was so original! I haven’t read or seen anything like it before. That’s so refreshing to find something so original in young adult fiction writing. I feel like most of the stuff I read is just not giving me anything to work with! It doesn’t keep my interest. Well THIS did. I was so enticed in the plot and the mission Emery faces. Can I just say that I love Emery as a character? He’s such a good person, even though he has a dark past. Some characters in book totally mess themselves up with a dark past, but Emery decides to do something really great for the people less fortunate outside Rittenhouse. He is not whiny or complaining about anything. Despite the fact that I have a hard time following books “in their own world,” I could follow this one pretty easily. There were some things that I didn’t understand about what people looked like or what the setting looked like, but it’s explained really well. Beautiful writing in this book, I mean, seriously. Even if this “isn’t your type” of book, you have to try it. I loved it so much! You will love the setting, plot, characters, and writing. And those are, for me, the four great-book keys. And this book has it all. So go read it! A special thanks to Evan Fuller for letting me read this awesome book for free. :)