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We publish books, both fiction and nonfiction, that people want to read, books that beckon you to take them from the shelf and start reading. We are a small independent publisher based in the Appalachian foothills region of South Carolina. We are not a vanity press, subsidy publisher or so-called self-publisher meaning our authors do not pay us anything at all to have their books published. Instead we pay all costs of publishing and distribution and pay our authors royalties based on sales of their books. Moonshine Cove Publishing's only form of income is book sales to the public, not to our authors.
Our books, both print books and Ebooks, are distributed nationally and internationally through Ingram, Baker and Taylor and many regional wholesalers. They may be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as in most bookstores. If you don't see a particular book you're hunting, ask for it by name. Our Ebooks are available in the Kindle format and, through Smashwords, as Ebooks in all other Ebook formats.

Submission Guidelines
Query first (email only). Put either Query (Novel) or Query (Non-fiction) in the subject line. Make sure your query is the best writing you can do since it may be the only sample we ever see. Don't try to be fancy. Direct and to-the-point is better. Tell us what your book is about and why it's worth publishing. Convince us it's worth our time looking at more. Also tell us a little bit about yourself, especially your writing background.

What Are We Looking For?
We only publish work that is original and that has not been published before. If we ask to see more, we will let you know. If we ask (and only if we ask), first and foremost, don't send us anything that hasn't been edited. Make sure your work is error free, clear and concise. Send us exactly what we ask for, not more, not less. We require your work to be submitted on a one-week exclusive basis. This means when you send us your manuscript,or part of your manuscript, you agree to not submit it anywhere else during the one-week period which we require to make a decision on whether we want to pursue your work further.

Do not send us anything by regular mail, electronic submission only. Submit your query to this email address: Do not send us anything except a query letter, no attachments. We will try to respond to all queries within two weeks, but due to the volume of submissions, this may not be possible.
What Genres are you Interested In Seeing?
Novels - adventure, historical (especially Rome & Greece), historical romance, mainstream, mystery, romantic suspense, science fiction (not fantasy), suspense, thriller, true crime and anything else that strikes our fancy.

Non-fiction - economics, history, military, nature, psychology, science, self-publishing, writing and others.
Is Moonshine Cove a Vanity Press?
Moonshine Cove Publishing is a small independent press, but NOT a vanity press. What that means is that we do not take money from you to publish your book. We are selective and we publish only what we like. If we do contract with you to publish your book, you will never have to pay us a cent. Instead you will be paid a royalty based on the number of copies your book sells. The exact terms are spelled out in detail in our standard publishing contract.
How Many Copies of my Book will be Sold?
No one can answer that, but in all likely hood, not many. That's the reality of the publishing industry today. The number of sales, however, depends greatly on the author, particularly how much time the author is willing to devote to publicizing and marketing her or his book. The more effort the author puts into this, the more copies of the book will be sold. All such marketing efforts will be at the author's own expense. Moonshine Cove spends money to publish your book and to make it available nationally and internationally, but does not have funds for marketing. We do make available to our authors suggestions of how to go about this, but we are unable to do it for you. Writing the book is only half the battle, less than half the battle. If you want it to sell, you, the author, must publicize and market your book at your own expense. If you are not willing to do that, Moonshine Cove is not the right publisher

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