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  • The Cellar on Oct. 02, 2012

    This story (which was known to me as "Cream" before publication) brings uncomfortable melancholy memories to the surface. I'm out and proud, but that doesn't always mean finding a successful relationship. Sometimes unique circumstances separate a person from that ability. For the unnamed socially awkward schmo who prefers anonymous hook-ups to the kind that involve commitment, this is the case. I've been there many a time, cruising, just looking to get my rocks off, that Lambda Legal "Little Black Book" hanging out of my back pocket, the tasteful Helvetica twelve point on page one shrieking, "IF YOU CRUISE IN PARKS, BATHROOMS OR OTHER SPACES OPEN TO PUBLIC VIEW, BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND KNOW YOUR RIGHTS." I apologize for dwelling on my personal experience, but that's partially because I see an uncomfortable amount of myself (and a lot of friends I have) in this character. However, the changing tenses and weak story-line keep me from being completely involved. 3 out of 5, and better luck next time!