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  • Blood and Bronze on Feb. 08, 2012
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    This book and the others in the legend of reasons series are amazing. The everyday struggles that the characters face mimic those of our own. The very deep and philosophical exchanges they have in conversation seem to be based on the same primus of a lot of conversations I've had with friends in the past. The relation to our current economic situation and to the trials faced by the Medorian people also seem to be closely related. At least I see different political variables within these novals. Blood and Bronze is truely a phanominal noval and should be on every ones top read list. It follows suit as a fantastically great, greek-roman fantasy. I absolutely fell in love with this book and the others in the series. I am not a reader or a strong one at that, but after reading Blood and Bronze. I found myself so intregued and drawn in. I read this noval and the other two novals in the series in less than a months time. If that isn't a testimony of how great these books are then call me and I will personally tell you how great these books are. I would like to thank the author Mr. Guyton for such a wounderful contribution to our society. With many anticipating reguards for your forth noval, Jöseph Eàtmàn