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"Gegensatz," pronounced "GAY-gun-ZAHTS," is German for "opposition" or "alternative state of affairs."

Eric v.d. Luft, Ph.D., M.L.S., a professional scholar, educator, librarian, and philosopher, founded Gegensatz Press in 1996 to bring durable, high-quality nonfiction works to the public in a way that is (1) hassle-free for the author, (2) economical for the buyer, (3) preservation-conscious for the librarian, and (4) edifying for the reader.

In 2004 Gegensatz Press published its first full-length book, God, Evil, and Ethics: A Primer in the Philosophy of Religion. A sturdy Smyth-sewn paperback costing only $14.95, we intend it to compete with many higher-priced anthologies and introductions to the philosophy of religion. We believe that its content and organization are equal or superior to any of them.

Gegensatz Press publishes philosophy, general nonfiction, popular culture, poetry, humor, and games.

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