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Smashwords book reviews by Genea

  • The Keeping on March 02, 2013

    This series continues to surprise me, Nicky Charles has done it again, she has written a very smart and captivating series that I can't seem to get enough of. I was so happy that this story included a look at Elise's and Kane's life and where they are in their relationship, although the story mostly consists of Ryne Taylor and Melody Green's journey. I believe the Keeping is about destiny, Ryne and Melody were destined to be in each others life, even to the detriment of their friends or family. It was like everyone had to play a part for these two unaware protagonists to find each other and realize they were meant to be. People were inconvenienced and people died for the sake of Ryne's and Melody's destinies. Mel enters Ryne's life under false pretense mostly unbeknownst to her. For the good of all Lycan's Ryne is tasked with eliminating Melody from his life by any means necessary, but is finding it difficult to take control of his inner wolf and send her on her way. I really enjoyed their journey and had those, "are you freaking kidding me" moments, my emotions ran the gamut, from swoony moments to the heart wrenching moments. Can't wait to continue seeing the paths these lovable and one really hateable Lycans, journey takes them.