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Smashwords book reviews by Marty

  • True Miracles with Genealogy: Volume Two on Nov. 07, 2011
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    Though I've not yet read all of the stories, those in the beginning have touched my heart deeply and inspired me further. Anne has done such a beautiful job of compilation of stories set to inspire the reader. The stories I've read touched my spirit and made me feel this work definitely 'is' worth all the effort, despite roadblocks, challenges etc. that might hinder our work. These stories have also made me feel I need to research more diligently, but also use prayer and the Temple more frequently. Thank you Anne for the diligence, patience, great understanding and compassion in gathering these stories. You are a great vessel of your Heavenly Father in furthering this work! May blessings be heaped upon you for your efforts. I hope you will continue these efforts to benefit those of us who are looking for inspiration and encouragement to continue until we find our 'lost' ancestors. That includes the babies or children that might have died and not been duly recorded as I've found. They need to be united with their families as well. Marlayne Boblett