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  • Hometown Prophet on June 26, 2012

    I’ve not been a big fan of Christian Science Fiction. The last novel I read was Frank Peretti’s “The Visitation” back in 1999 and while I appreciated the work, the genre just didn’t stick well with my squirly reading preferences, so I was pleasantly surprised by Jeff Fulmer’s “Hometown Prophet” and the main character Peter Quill. Having lived most of my life in Tennessee and being a minister’s son I found it easy to connect with Peter’s dry and somewhat cynical bent. At 31 he is forced to move back home with his mother after his life spirals down in utter disappointment. He has a transforming encounter with God that leads to a series of cryptic dreams that predict future events and sends him (and us) on a rollercoaster ride ditching the press, law enforcement and patriotic fundies as his journeys are fueled by his newly found passion to use this gift to help those affected by the events and environmental catastrophes he dreams about. He goes through the same sufferings and criticisms you read about in the Old Testament prophets. He soon finds his gift has changed his life and his walk with God. I found this story to be extremely relevant and hard to put down, a really suspenseful page turner. Not only are the characters engaging and diverse, I found the message behind the story of what can happen when someone uses the gift of prophesy in a world desperate to know God is there and cares a refreshing change from the end times rapture scare rags we’ve been offered the last decade or so. Jeff Fulmer is a superb storyteller. This review also posted on my blog at