George Moise


I was born on the 19th of October 1974 in Bucharest, Romania.

After few dropouts and entrance exams failures I managed to graduate from Superior School of Journalism and, afterwards, the Screenwriting Department of the Film Faculty of the The Romanian National University of Theater and Cinematography Art.

I worked for a while in media, for youth magazines and also for the national radio as a commentator and a script-writer. After three years in advertising, I quit my job to become a cruise ship photographer. In 2008 I moved to Japan, trying to adapt to their way of life ever since.

Forgive me for not being Japanese” is my late literary debut, available only in Romanian language at the moment. It is a true story of my first year in Japan.

“If I were a character, what would my story actually be? Is it spectacular? No. It is the simple story of a man trying to read the newspaper. And, for one year, he’s learning signs and words. A thousand unknown signs separate him from the day he will open a newspaper and read it. That is all. He’s not a hero.”

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