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“Womanliness means only motherhood; All love begins and ends there.”
— Robert Browning, from The Inn Album (1875)

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The Mother-Son Fantasy is one of the most powerful fetishes driving both males and females. Starting with Sophocles’ Oedipus the King in 429 BCE, writers in every generation have explored the topic. According to Google Trends, there’s more interest today than ever before.

I started in the early 1980s, publishing large-busted Mommy fetish erotic fiction for Gent, Home of the D Cups magazine. In later years, I developed short stories for under the name “MSFProject,” which stands for Mother Son Fantasy Project. In between, I’ve been a newspaper reporter and editor and a super hero comic book writer.

Now here I am. I’ve always believed there would be a market for well written and inventive erotica. Perhaps e-books will make this possible.

Warning: I don’t do ordinary. I’m always looking to be different, inventive and even a little insidious. Yes, you’ll get all the hot and steamyness you want with Mom. But there’s more.

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