G. F. Edwards


G. F. Edwards was born in New York City and lived there some twenty years. A first-semester college dropout in his teens, he returned to college later in life and majored in Literature-Writing, having won a scholarship to an Ivy League school. He graduated summa cum laude and was awarded membership in the nation’s oldest honor society, Phi Beta Kappa.

His low-budget travels have taken him to all but two of the contiguous United States, as well as Canada and eleven European nations. Much of his traveling was accomplished by thumb, and he has hitchhiked coast-to-coast in the USA three times. He also spent four months in a small town in Portugal and a month on a tiny Aegean island, his longest stays in single locations overseas. During one of his European trips, he was a bystander during a revolution.

Over the years, he has been employed as a musician, a janitor, a delivery driver, a warehouseman, a sales clerk, a proofreader, a maintenance man, a dishwasher, and a grill cook; and he even did a brief stint as Mr. Peanut on the sidewalk in front of a nut shop in a tourist town.

In his youth, he had a brief, harrowing encounter with a cult in Northern California, and that experience informs his descriptions of the cult mentality in the novel "Of Highest Agents."

He has a particular interest in promoting the welfare of animals and protecting them from needless harm inflicted by humans. Toward that end, he supports various organizations dedicated to the protection of animals and their environment.

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