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Mr. Savoyhas over 25 years’ experience in being a Serial Entrepreneur. "I believe I can run a Movie Studio or a Restaurant Chain if I was asked. My passion is to come up with Ideas that make people happy and that make people money". Presently, he is a Futurist helping major companies with what their existing products will look like within a five year window. He has also started a successful Food Cart Business in Thailand named “The Fat Banana.” and will launch a County wide franchise fast food business here in the US with the same name sometime in 2015.
He has founded five successful businesses and has taken two companies through IPO's. He has licensed many consumer products, invented mobile games, developed mobile apps, written a screen play and now one book. At this moment, he is working on a new book called “The Halo Affect”, a Da Vinci Code like mystery covering the “Lost Years of Christ.”
In 1993, he and a team of engineers came up with a way to transform, decode, and compress analog video using a LAN 10BaseT and to transfer it and regurgitated into digital video, a key technology that was called “Video on Demand” and later called streaming video to the Internet. It is now being used as On-Demand Entertainment on Commercial Airlines at the seat back, in major News facilities at the producers desktop, Pay-per view on the Internet and in Cable Television as IPTV.
1995, Mr. Savoy started I-Captivate, LLC a CEO Publicity and Public Relations firm focusing on branding Internet CEO's and Mobile Technology CEO's much like Hollywood does for its "A List Clients". He was retained by successful Internet content start-ups.

The company is now a successful consulting firm.
While still growing I-Captivate, in 1997, he and a partner dove into the Internet space and the PC manufacturing industry and combined the two when he started sTupid PC, the first PC manufacture to sell a sub $1000 PC that included the monitor and also delivered the product to the door for free in a VW Bug. The new company also offered free training to Stupid PC customers. It also included free instruction and how to use the Internet.

In 1999, he started CoolMan, the first home controlled voice recognition all-in-one computer system using voice and touch screen to self-automate the home and office. From that product, “Ginger” was born, She was the first Tablet PC with touch screen app’s similar to today's Tablet PC's and Smart Phone User Interfaces.

Also, in 1999 he started AgeSpan, a senior portal concentrating on the senior citizen marketplace and training seniors with today's technology, in 2000, he sold 90% of the company.

2009 he was instrumental in putting together the first Internet device (WIFI) into automobiles. In-Car-GPS setup with Orion Entertainment Systems running on Satellite, Orion also had a WIFI chip. Orion was on the forefront of developing SMART Internet ready TV's. The Major idea was to put these digital sets in Marinas across the country on live-a-board yachts and houseboats. Today, he is working on a Mobil Digital Pirating Prohibitory Software program to discontinue digital pirating all over the globe within the Music, Movies, DVD, Software, Ebook, and Gaming Industries. it's called (ULYSEAS).

Mr. Savoy can be reached directly via mobile 407-361-9588, SKYPE ggerman407, Email

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