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Science and technology always fascinated Mr. Mattson. He studied the sciences and specialized in electronics while growing up. His understanding gave him insight to the direction of our present world and into the possibilities we have yet to experience.

Gregg read volumes of Science Fiction. Through the tales of many masters, his imagination took him to places and times otherwise unattainable from our real world. After each book he read, he could imagine where the stories could go from where they stopped and dreamed of writing and publishing stories of his own. He never had an inspired story to tell, however, so other than a handful of short stories, he didn’t try. Still, he enjoyed reading even more than he did other forms of entertainment, like movies or television, because reading let him picture the author’s story his way.

Supporting and raising a family put Gregg’s recreational reading and writing on the shelf for many years. His work in computers and technology demanded the balance of his time to keep abreast of technological growth. Science Fiction, except for an occasional screenplay, became a memory.

In 2003, Gregg’s work bestowed free time upon him. The job required he spend weekdays away from his family, with no internet or television. Movies were boring so he returned to reading…briefly.

In April 2004, he outlined an idea he developed over several years and wrote a few short stories to see what he could do. They seemed interesting so he let some family and friends read them.

Their responses were encouraging and he was surprised when his test victims requested more stories. More stories…he hadn’t thought that far ahead.

Gregg looked at his outline, made a number of adjustments, and built eight more short stories. They all related to the original theme but when compared to each other, the stories had disjointed plots, leaving his readers interested but somewhat confused.

With their encouragement, he decided to create a novel using the short stories, or portions of them, as a base. He went underground for the next five years, ignoring queries about his writing.

That effort became “Field of Orbs”, a Science Fiction Adventure novel. Gregg’s test victims, somewhat surprised by the length, read the completed book and provided some great suggestions. He published the final version of the story in January 2011.

Is this as fascinating a story as other’s say? So far, they tell Gregg it is engaging and well written. Join the rest of the readers who have already enjoyed the story to find the answer to "Why are we here?" Then you can let Mr. Mattson know what you think.

Thank you.

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Field of Orbs
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 433,840. Language: English. Published: January 14, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Searching the Amazon jungle for ancient ruins, an archaeologist shares a meal with the elders of an isolated village. They reveal an oddity that he realizes is so much more. The artifact shouldn’t even exist. It is a perfect ruby, resembling a modern aircraft. Digger begins a journey that could change how humanity will forever see themselves and answer the question, why are we here.

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