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Science and technology fascinated me from my beginning. The world of imagination containing radios, televisions, jet planes, rockets, microcircuits, and lasers became real through time. Where earlier generations thought “What if,” my youth let me study their future as everyday life.
My specialties, electronics and communications, guide my effort to make my stories plausible. My understanding of the direction of our present world gives me insight into the fascinating possibilities we will experience.

I grew up reading volumes of Science Fiction. Through the tales of many masters, my imagination took me to places and times unattainable in our mundane real world. After completing each inspiring book, I imagined where the plots might go from where they stopped.

Science Fiction, because of its subtle influence on society and our future fascinates me. In writing the Field of Orbs series, I studied the biographies of the masters. Their education, experience, and skills humble me. I don’t profess to enjoy the accolades they exhibit, but I value an exciting chronicle encompassing an effort to push thought and discourse.
Though I dreamed of authoring narratives of my own, I never found a question exciting enough to dedicate myself to a novel, much less a series. In 2004, I imagined the story behind the mysterious globes and my life changed.
My first effort in publishing Field of Orbs in 2011 resulted in a single, lengthy book. In the years since I made the original version available, I rewrote Field of Orbs into four volumes, each containing a related set of anthologies.

Volume One: “Battle for Innocence”
Volume Two:“Discoveries of the Ancients”
Volume Three: “Struggle for Hope”
Volume Four: “Cradle of Life”

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Field of Orbs - Tetralogy
Field of Orbs, a four Volume set, follows the life of David Banks. Volume One: “Battle for Innocence” Volume Two: “Discoveries of the Ancients” Volume Three: “Struggle for Hope” Volume Four: “Cradle of Life”


Field of Orbs - Volume One “Battle for Innocence”
Series: Field of Orbs - Tetralogy. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 181,310. Language: English. Published: March 3, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
What would you do if your best friend told you all life on your world would die in sixteen years? Would you give up and wait in some quiet nook for the end? Your decision makes the difference, but the world must never know the truth. Every day must appear, every day. David Banks must face those challenges with his friend to save all life. Their struggle begins in “The Battle for Innocence."

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